Minisheet from Pitcairn Islands

A minisheet from Pitcairn Islands.
This is an appendix of Gibbons Stamp Monthly Sep. 2009.


Nice cover from Austria

A nice cover (FDC) from Austria.
16.10.2009, Wien.
It is very very beautiful! Thanks, friend!!
This minisheet is for "Japan - Austria 2009".
Japanese issue is here (Japan Post web site).


Nice cover from Austria

A nice cover (FDC) from Austria.

22.10.2009, Wien.

This is an Austria - Spain joint issue.


Postcard from Chile

A postcard from Chile.
27. Sep. 2009.

It is Rapa Nui view.

Oh, I want to go to there sometime...


Nice cover from Czech

A nice cover from Czech Republic.
9.9.2009, Praha.

It is very nice pictrial postmark!

Pozdrav od Luznice
- Dobronice
- Stadlecky most
- Stadlec - zamek
- Bechynsky most


Nice cover from the U.K.

A nice cover from the U.K.
It is "Post Boxes".
This cover was sent by me :-)


Nice cover from Taiwan

A nice cover (FDC) from Taiwan.
9.10.(2009), Taipei.
It is "Typhoon Morakot Relief Surtax Stamps Souvenir Sheet".
Typhoon Morakot slammed into Taiwan on August 7, 2,009.
In Japan, a big typhoon gave the damage this month, too.
I pray for victims in both countries getting well early.