A few hours in London

I got on a train at Norwich station.
Because I had to go to London.
About 2 hours I spent a time in it.
At first I visited British Library.

Because I wanted to enjoy philatelic collections.
But, oh my god, I could not watch a part of Tapling collection because it could not be watched for rearranging.
You should understand my very disappointed feeling.
Then I walked and walked.
Because I wanted to visit Stanley Gibbons.

It was my first visit to there.
I asked a staff "Can I have the first stamp from Chile?".
His answer was "No".
He told me that he has stamps from only British Commonwealth.
Therefor I bought only 2 magazines.
Then I went to Heathrow airport.


Nice days at Norwich

I returned to Japan.
Norwich is very nice place.
I had a nice days at there.
But... I was very busy at there.
We started a meeting at 9 am and ended it at 11 pm everyday.
I sometimes got away from the meeting on the way and strolled in the street.

I found a post office in the Castle Mall.

I bought some minisheet and a booklet.
I sent postcards to my family.
On the day of the return, I spent a few hours in London.
I will write something about that time tomorrow.


Trip to England

Nexy week, I am going to visit England.
I am going to be in Norwich and London for only 4 days.
If you have nice philatelic informations, let me know.
I am looking forward to enjoy UK.